FACIAL MASK Medical Cold Compress Sterile Mask For Repair & Moisturizing Sensitive Skin

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Helen XIS is medical cold compress mask, the core ingredients are macromolecular sodium hyaluronate and small molecule sodium hyaluronate, which can repair the skin barrier layer by layer, and does not contain alcohol, flavors, pigments, preservatives, etc., for consumers to use Peace of mind. In terms of efficacy, it focuses on solving various skin problems of customers, helps repair damaged skin after medical cosmetology, and can also play a role in post-sun repair. It can also be used if you have allergic skin or mild to moderate acne. Yes, this product has different usage methods for different skin types, and users can use it according to their actual conditions.


Modern medical facial masks are widely used. Unlike the previous medical facial masks that are restricted to patients after surgery, many people now prefer to use medical facial masks, because medical facial masks do not contain too many chemical components and are recognized by authoritative medical sciences and are relatively safe.


For the current epidemic period, everyone wears masks for a day. Wearing more masks can easily cause skin dehydration, itching, redness and swelling. Because Helen XIS medical cold compress mask has a formula of small molecular collagen peptides, pure natural plant extracts, and epidermal growth factor. , Can make skin cells regenerate, soothe the surface of the skin, and help repair various skin problems caused by masks.


And because Helen XIS medical cold compress mask can be used for white-collar workers who stay up late at work, postpartum mothers after giving birth, middle-aged people, young men and women who have acne on their faces quickly, etc. It is recommended to use it for the course of treatment, 3 boxes each for the course of treatment, apply one facial mask for 15 minutes a day, preferably before going to bed for better results. But everyone's skin type is different, and the effect of use varies from person to person. It is recommended to choose according to your needs and skin type.