LOXIM Pride Aromatherapy Diffusers - Professional Grade Nebulizing Diffuser for Essential Oils (WHITE)

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LOXIM PRIDE LX-01 About this item LOXIM Technology - Innovation Atomize replacing the traditional ultrasonic, which nebulizing of delivery is stable, the best way to utilize the advantages of pure oil.

**Comfortable & Convenient - Without dilute your scents with anything, and avoid you from the problem that can happen with devices that use water. NO MORE CLEANING THE WATER TANK! Kids, parents, and pets could be comfortable to use.

**Super Quiet - Operates at a noise level below 38 dB, you can enjoy the fragrance without added sounds, making it easy to fall asleep, perfect for nighttime in the bedroom. This whisper-quiet design ensures you'll feel relaxed in no time.

**Powerful & Protable - Potent aroma covers up to 700 sqft large room, unique wireless and rechargeable, allows up to 8 full hours of use after charged with USB port, which you could place it and enjoys aromas anywhere.

**Sleek & Modern - With a chic and unobtrusive design, has an elegant minimalist look and stable construction, as attractive decorative as it is functional, which is quite suitable for your lifestyle and space, also it will be a great gift idea for family and friends.

LOXIM TECHNOLOGY FACT Making aromatherapy with a “good” diffuser becomes an increasing demand. Currently ultrasonic diffuser is very popular for diffusing essential oils with water into the ambience. Although it needs add-in of water to operate - as a result of which dilute aromatherapy effects, it is chosen for its quiet operation and functioning as humidifier. To bring the most effective aroma therapeutic benefits, nebulizing diffuser stands out by direct diffusion of high-fidelity essential oil, easy to operate and maintenance free etc. Technology of Nebulizing Diffuser Now the type of nebulizing diffusers in the market is Venturi nebulizer. It uses air pump and Venturi nozzle to directly diffuse pure essential oil. No heat nor water is used to operate. By a high-velocity pressurized air stream and jet nozzle, it can directly blow out essential oil – which ensures pure and linear mist from essential oil bottle. Loxim nebulizer - the next generation nebulizing diffuser uses special designed pump and piezoelectric transducer (patented technology Droplet-On-Demand and Vibrate-To-Atomize) to directly diffuse pure essential oil. By the special designed pump, essential oil can be sucked out and discharged in accurate dosing, while the piezoelectric transducer inducing high-frequency vibration to resonator connected to a conduit to atomize essential oil.